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ILHA FORMOSA 福爾摩沙:美麗島嶼

Ilha Formosa was the name given by the Portugese upon their first visit to the east asian island that is today called Taiwan.
In Portugese, Ilha Formosa means beautiful island. Indeed, Taiwan is a beautiful island populated with friendly people.


Maverick Library:  8700 Mystic Park, San Antonio, TX 78254
Library phone number: (210) 207-9060
Library location: http://www.mysapl.org/location.aspx?id=mav
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地點: Maury Maverick Library
 8700 Mystic Park, San Antonio, TX 78254
圖書館聯絡電話:(210) 207-9060
圖書館網站: http://www.mysapl.org/location.aspx?id=mav
活動日期: 二零一四年九月十三日星期六
活動時間: 下午二時三十分至下午五時三十分

電影欣賞後有簡單茶會, 同鄉會將提供飲料茶點



2014 Mid-Autumn Festival Movie Event

Location: Maury Maverick Library
 8700 Mystic Park, San Antonio, TX 78254
Phone Number of the Library: (210) 207-9060
Library Website: http://www.mysapl.org/location.aspx?id=mav
Event Date: September 13, 2014 (Saturday)
Event Time: 2:30PM to 5:30PM
After the movie, there will be a reception serving light snacks

Movie title: Juliets
Genre:  drama-comedy (PG)
Length: 106 mins
Language: Mandarin / Minan (with English subtitles)

Sponsored by:of TECO Houston


兒童作文:康伯文 十二歲

兒童作文:康伯武 十二歲

兒童作文:賴語欣 十歲


光陰荏苒。彷彿甫與鄉親朋友們共同歡慶迎接馬年的來臨, 時序卻已然進入了一年的尾聲。過去這一年, 同鄉會陸續舉辦了多項活動, 感謝所有支持聖城臺灣同鄉會的鄉親朋友們始終不離不棄, 本人在此代會上所有幹部及義工們向大家道謝, 並請繼續支持同鄉會。

同鄉會的本質在於服務並凝聚本地臺灣鄉親及熱愛臺灣的朋友們, 而這本質的根本為 “人”, 也就是所有支持並參與同鄉會各項活動的朋友們。如果沒有 “人”這個元素, 就沒有臺灣同鄉會的存在。所有臺灣同鄉會的幹部義工們都是無償付出, 在工作家庭之餘, 還撥出自己的時間來籌畫支持各項活動。在此期許同鄉會未來能得到更多更堅實的支持與鼓勵。同鄉會各項活動不侷限於臺灣僑民參與, 我們更歡迎本地各界人士共襄盛舉, 以期讓我們的故鄉-臺灣--在國際舞臺上更具能見度並達到推廣宣揚臺灣文化的理想。

只要各位鄉親朋友們繼續支持臺灣同鄉會, 我們仍會持續在未來繼續籌劃舉辦更多活動, 包含三節慶祝餐會, 主題座談, 野餐郊遊, 藝文欣賞及兒童愛臺灣徵文圖畫比賽並計畫發行會刊。任何人若有興趣參與策畫各項活動, 請隨時與我們聯繫, 同鄉會需要更多的人才, 才能有更大的格局實現理想。

再次感謝大家的支持鼓勵, 祝福大家平安喜樂!



A message from the president of TAASA

Time flies, it seems that we just celebrated the coming of the year of Horse together not long ago and now it’s almost the end of the year already! During the past year, TAASA has hosted many events, so I must express heartfelt thanks to all TAASA supporters. I would like to say “thank you” to all of you on behalf of all the board members and volunteers of TAASA, we really appreciate that you stayed with us. Please keep supporting TAASA by coming to the events and bringing more friends to join us.

The essence of TAASA is to serve and gather Taiwanese friends and those who love Taiwan in the San Antonio area. The foundation of any organization is its “people”, which is all of you who have been supporting TAASA and have joined us for the events. TAASA would not exist if the people element was missing. All the board members and volunteers of TAASA are doing the jobs for TAASA without pay. They use up their own time after work and taking care of their families to help and support the events of TAASA. I really hope that TAASA will get more support and encouragement from more friends in the future. All of the TAASA events welcome all Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese friends who are interested in learning about the culture and traditions of Taiwan. Our goal is to promote Taiwan on the world stage and let more people be able to see Taiwan and to better understand and appreciate the culture of Taiwan.

As long as there are people supporting TAASA, we will keep hosting more events in the future such as events for the 3 major holidays of Taiwan (Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival), seminars and workshops on different topics, picnics, movie screenings and art exhibitions, drawing and writing contests for youth, etc. TAASA also plans to publish a newsletter and send it out to all TAASA members. If anyone is interested in joining and helping us on planning and volunteering for any TAASA events, please contact TAASA anytime. TAASA needs more intelligent volunteers like you to reach our goal. Thanks again for your support & encouragement; we wish you all the best!


Euroya Lauzon, Association President of TAASA 2014-2015


Contact TAASA at: TAASA email

by Ching-Chih Chen

TAIWAN is an island nation with a land area of about 14,000 square miles, i.e. about the size of West Virginia, with an estimated population of over 23 million, or 1/12 of US population. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean and separated from southern China by the 100 mile wide Taiwan Strait.

The heavily forested hills and mountains of central and eastern Taiwan reach their summit at YU SHAN (13,113 feet); there are about 70 peaks exceeding 10,000 feet. The broad coastal plain in the west supports most of the island's population and is the chief agricultural zone. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes are common. Taiwan has a semitropical climate and annual rainfall ranges from moderate to heavy. With abundant sunshine and rainfall, the island is agriculturally very productive. Today, in terms of land use, arable land accounts for 24% of total land area, while forests and woodland still make up 55% of Taiwan. (Full Article)

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